How do you coordinate Marketing Managers from every tech company looking to feature their brand through Venture Beat?

Through A LOT of client emails!

As an account manager for Venture Beat’s advertising sponsors, my job is not just to ensure our clients get the brand awareness advertising results, but that they receive they maintain the relationship that they trust Venture Beat to deliver! I must ensure that our execution process is seamless and true to the Venture Beat integrity.

I was in charge of cross-functional operations between AdOps, Sales, and Editorial teams to ensure successful:

  • Sponsored Articles written by VB or by the client

  • Display Advertising and Roadblock Ads surrounding sponsored articles

  • Display Ad monthly weekly performance reporting on impressions, page views, CTR and CPM goals

  • Sponsored Newsletter insertions for VB Daily Roundup, GamesBeat Daily, Heartland Weekly, Marketing Weekly, and PC Gaming Weekly

  • Webinar Sponsorship topics, setting up interviews with our team, and ensuring client receives monthly reporting and all pre-registered, live, and on-demand attendees

  • Event Sponsors looking to speak or exhibit their product, booth, or speakers at MobileBeat, GamesBeat, and VB Summit 2017