Mastering the art of tech sales and intricate B2B conversations is no easy task- especially for young professionals and recent grads looking to break into tech. That’s why James Nielsen, a former VP of Sales, created Sales Bootcamp, an immersive 3-month program to mentor and train people with non-sales backgrounds how to master the B2B sales process and, in return, land a job at a rising start-up.

My role at Sales Bootcamp was a mix between Sales Development and Prospecting Corporate Partnerships with start-ups in the Bay Area looking to grow their sales team.

My pitch was simple: If you’re looking to hire great sales talent and don’t have an internal sales training team, Sales Bootcamp will train your future sales reps and ensure that they’re ready to bring quality leads by the end of our 3-month program.

I worked next to Nick White, the Sales Director, and built a sustainable prospecting process to ensure we were reaching the right companies, the correct point of contact, and building a trusting and lasting relationship to make sure Sales Bootcamp was top of mind for their next sales hire.