Magic happens when you create in-real-life meeting space for the businesses that generate more than 50% of company revenue, the small businesses.

As a part of the NA Boost with Facebook Leaders Network team, I worked closely with Civic Dinners to power conversations that matter for small businesses. The first conversation we developed was called "Connected Small Businesses". The result?

We created a conversation for 80-100 brave small business owners who came to the table, ate together, got vulnerable, offered advice and left with a new network of people to keep the conversation going long after the end of the event.

This 12-city event series arounf the US was an opportunity for local business owners to connect, share ideas, offer support, have an empathetic ear turned out to be a very rewarding and inspiring night of connection and conversations around building a business in the digital era.

Our team created 4 conversations to connect small businesses about topics that matter to them and powered conversations through

We also encouraged business owners to host dinners in their own towns/cities across the country and choose any conversation that inspires them at