Designed to bring together the world's most diverse and pioneering business owners, The Leaders Network empowers an exclusive community of founders and entrepreneurs with the additional resources and connections they need to continue growing their businesses and communities.

As a member of the Leaders Network, Small Business owners around the world receive the benefits that will help foster personal and professional growth such as Promotional spotlights, national press opportunities, event panels, executive comms, roundtables, and more!

As a member of the NA Advocacy Team, I managed internal requests from cross-functional Facebook marekting teams looking for the best small business stories for each marketing opportunity necessary across internal and external assets.

I helped to build and refine the end-to end task management process and built internal task tools such as internal bots, dashboards, and team processes to track all incoming requests in NA, and measure success in alignment with Global team goals.

In order to train and showcase our Global Request process, I built the team’s internal Advocacy Wiki, a site that helped to shape and train the internal roadshow and training necessary for Facebook marketing partners to understand how to work with our team.

Once The Leaders Network was launched, I worked with our technical program managers to build the internal process for approving/rejecting all business owners applying to the Leaders Network. I handled North America's member review process, which included sending manual Congratulations e-mails, approving members to BLN Facebook group and ultimately becoming a part of Facebook's Leaders Network Community of small business owners.

As the Leaders Network Program began to scale, I was in charge of: